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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Return to Malifaux

It has been a while but I finally had a game of Malifaux at the local club today. I had become but disillusioned with it since the 3rd book came out and the avatars were introduced. I found unless you had your own avatars they became too powerful and I did not want to buy more models. On top of that they had so many models (hundreds - I alone had 100 myself) that there were just too many to track and understand all their abilities and it all got abit overwhelming.
Anyway today was a 30ss scrap with my guild and Perdita facing the arcanists led by Marcus.
We only really played 3 turns before we called it a draw. Problem was we both had two fast masters and the mission was to deliver a message to them. I managed a bit of damage via shooting but in the end a stalemate.

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