And so it began...

My intention for this blog is for it to be a record of my gaming experiences, trials, tribulations and painting and modelling efforts.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Malifaux thoughts

Had a game today of Malifaux. Second game in a few weeks after having a big break from it. I love the models. I used my Kirai list against my mates neverborn list led by Zoraida. Only got through 4 turns before I gave in. Not that much fun due to combination of my really bad cards, my opponents really good cards, schemes that were really impossible to achieve and a master I have never beaten. Reminds me of why I stopped playing the game. Sometimes just makes your head spin with so many new models that you come up against. I came across several new ones today again with so many different abilities etc to try and get your head around. I find sometimes Malifaux is abit like a game of rock, paper scissors. Some masters and lists just get trumped by others. That is the challenge of most game rule sets I guess. Malifauxs problem is that with such an enormous range of models it is very hard to live up to.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dreadball on a Saturday night

My wife got out Titanic to watch so I took off to my mates house for a game. "You choose" he said when I called to figure out what to play. So I went over to my cupboard of figures to try and choose. Not easy when I have 11 different game systems to pick from. See how many you can pick from my picture ;-)
Anyway after much debate I picked up my latest Orx and Goblin Dreadball team and took them for their first outing. Turned out to be a real arm wrestle playing the Forge Fathers (dwarfs). Very tough team but finally one of my goblin jacks managed to throw a strike after repeated misses and I won1-0 in overtime. Good game and a nice way to fill in the evening.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Preparation for Chinese Impetus army

Doing a Chinese army for Impetus I wasn't sure where to start then by chance I was flicking through books to add to IBooks on my new IPad and there it was... perfect!!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dreadball Orx and Goblin team - the Greenmoon Smackers

Sat down on Saturday and got my latest Dreadball team all painted up. Haven't managed to play any games with them yet but should be fun. The orxs (yes that is how they are spelled in Dreadball) are the guards and just bash things while the goblins play as jacks. No strikers in this team so reliant on a few lucky rolls with the goblins to score and hopefully the orx take out all the opposition.

2013 and Impetus

Time for the obligatory what is ahead for 2013 I guess. Did not have much on the go come December apart from a few Deadball teams and abit of Saga so was thinking this year was going to be abit slow.

However I caught up with Craig C over holiday break up in Timaru and he gave me my first game of Impetus. Have to say I really enjoyed it which set in my mind my project for 2013 - an Impetus army.

However what list to do as they cover a huge range of history? Mind made up when I heard Tim and co in Wellington were about to start up armies based around Asia. I really liked some of the Chinese 28mm figures on the net so Chinese it is.

I find I need a goal to work towards when starting a new army. Last year I focused on getting my FOW Fallshirmjagers army ready so I could play at Southcon (our local gaming convention in June). So why not the same this year! So I have offered to run an Impetus tournament at Southcon this year. Hopefully some of the Wellington guys will come down plus the Timaru and Christchurch Impetus players. Should be fun.

No figures ordered yet as am waiting for the latest Impetus book to come out (Extra Impetus 5) which has lots of Asian lists in including my Chinese. It is out end of January and I have it on preorder. So once I have that the planning will start which is the part I enjoy the most. In the meantime a trip to the library is in order to brush up on my Chinese history...

Details here re Southcon

Return to Malifaux

It has been a while but I finally had a game of Malifaux at the local club today. I had become but disillusioned with it since the 3rd book came out and the avatars were introduced. I found unless you had your own avatars they became too powerful and I did not want to buy more models. On top of that they had so many models (hundreds - I alone had 100 myself) that there were just too many to track and understand all their abilities and it all got abit overwhelming.
Anyway today was a 30ss scrap with my guild and Perdita facing the arcanists led by Marcus.
We only really played 3 turns before we called it a draw. Problem was we both had two fast masters and the mission was to deliver a message to them. I managed a bit of damage via shooting but in the end a stalemate.