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My intention for this blog is for it to be a record of my gaming experiences, trials, tribulations and painting and modelling efforts.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dystopian War update (painting plus battle report)

Got through a bit of painting this week finishing my FSA John Henry Robots and FSA Escorts. You can see the pics below. Needed to get them done as I had a game over the weekend at the club (OMTS) vs Andrew (of Hobby Hub fame).

We played a 850 game as talk is that Tagcon (September) maybe using 850 points. I didn't take any pictures but forces were roughly as follows
Saratoga Aircraft carrier
3 x cruisers
3 x destroyers
4 x frigates
3x John henrys
2 flights of tiny flyers torpedo bombers
1 flight of fighters

Kingdom of Brittanica
2 x 3 Vanguard subs
2 meduim flyers
3 x 3 frigates
1 flight of torpedo bombers
1 flight of fighters

We just played a standard kill everything game. I can't remember most of it but this is roughly what happened.
After deployment I found myself facing his battleship, one squadron of subs and two squadrons of frigates on my right flank against my battleship, cruisers and destroyers.
My frigates were on the far left while all my torpedo bombers, fighters and robots plus my carrier were positioned in the centre against the rest of his forces.
Turn one saw me slowly decimate his frigates. In the middle my carrrier took a point of damage from the other subs whilst I lost a robot to the long range fire of the battleship.
Turn two to three saw me focus fire on the battleship from all my right flank and virtually cripple it. His meduim bombers came over to target my carrier again to know effect and were gunned to virtual annihilation by my robots. My fighters swept into his fighters and killed three to the loss of two of my fighters. His vanguards on the right surfaced to fire their torpedos to little effect before my torpedo bombers lined them up and sunk two.
Next turns saw the end of his battleship and vanguards plus most of his frigates. It was at this stage we called it a game.
Abit of a rout but as Andrew commented after the game probably his initial deployment had him at a disadvantage. I think he needed to focus all his subs. 6 subs are scary.
I am sure there will be a re-match and a chance for revenge for the Brits.

I think 850 points is a good number for a tournament and hopefully the guys running Tagcon run with that.

FSA Escorts

FSA John Henrys robots

A John Henry close up

My favourite FSA model, my Saratoga carrier who took a ton of punishment in todays game but laughed most of it off.
 Next up on the painting tray is my FSA Dreadnought which is undercoated and ready to paint, more next week...

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Southcon Flames of War 2012

Well my first FOW tournanment is now all behind me. 6 great games with very patient, friendly and helpful opponents. The FJ did pretty well coming up with 4 wins so I was pretty happy with that. Anyway here are some pics from the tournament.

The venue at Forbury

My favourite table 'Stalingrad' (though I never got to play on it)

British paras - Played them in game 2 and had a win thanks to my panzerpah patrol zipping along a road at breakneck speed to start the struggle for an objective
Fisrt game against Nick's 'Kiwis'. A very good player who taught me alot which helped later on in the tournament

Nasty staghound list that had me on the ropes but somehow thanks to a command stand from my Nebelwerfers contesting an objective I some how won.

Callum's armoured lst that gave me a right royal beating.

My finished army plus display board I put together. The medal at the bottom right I got for playing my first Flames event at Southcon.

Bit more of a close up.
Now that I have had a chance to have a good play with them I probably might change things abit, maybe by dropping the panzerpah light patrol and maybe adding in some air support or some LG40s I can deploy with my FJ platoons (don't like being surronded by armoured vehicles and shot at with no viable response).

So what is next? Well thinking about going up to Call To Arms in Wellington later in the year to play Flames. they are running late war at 1750 points which would allow me to run a cassino list and maybe add in some stugs and air so that could be fun. But before then I have got a load of Dystopian Wars models to paint...