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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dreadball - Corporation team

New game has been released called Dreadball (from Mantic) some of you out there may have heard of it. Sort of a science-fiction american football game. I didn't get the full game but picked up a couple of teams to play against my regular gaming mate who brought the game on the Kickstarter. We had our first game last weekend and it played really well so looking forward to the next one.
First impressions of the figure were smaller than I imagined and very disappointed by the amount of flashing on them, it was a devil of a job to clean them up and now that I have painted them I have noticed quite a few spots I missed :-(.
Anyway here is the Coporation team ready to go. The Corporation are essentially the human team.
The Corporation

'Lucky' Logan (MVP) flanked by two Guards (who just bash people)

The MVP known simply as 'The Enforcer'

Strikers - they do all the scoring

Corporation 'Jacks' - they are all round players
My next team that I have to do are called 'The Marauders' who are the Orc and Goblin sect. Sigh... more flashing to clean up....

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