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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saga - Anglo Danes

It has been a while but finally pretty much finished my Anglo Danes for Saga. It is a 5 point warband which seems to be a nice size for a good game. I probably will add one more unit of 8 warriors at some point. To complete them I will add some snow (it is England after all) but as I will mass produce a batch will do it when I complete my Vikings. I probably also need to strap shields to the backs of my warlord and Dane axes as they look abit light on armour (and the Little Big Men shield transfers are very cool).
5 ppoints of angry Anglo Danes

Levy bowmen

Warlord plus 4 hearthguard

A unit of Dane axes

Unit of warriors

More hearth guard
So I need to get onto my Vikings which will mean painting up my warlord and 4 berserkers. I can then use my Anglo Danes (minus the Warlord and Dane Axes) as Vikings as they all dress pretty much the same.

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  1. Very cool. The shield decals really are time savers and the detail is amazing on them.