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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Reading recomendation

Still have a bad back from Karate so bending over painting is out for the time being. Thought I would go to the library and see what I could find. Looking amongst the napoleonics section I came across this fascinating book, 'A Model Victory' by Malcom Balen.

It tells the story of a British soldier and model maker who, several years after the battle of Waterloo, was commissioned to make a model of the battle. He gathers together hundreds of stories from those that fought there in a bid to find the true crisis point and turning point of the battle so he could reflect that in his model. The probelm for him becomes who actually won the day - Wellington's forces or Blucher's Prussions? In his fight for the truth he has to fight the British establishment and Wellington himself. Only read two chapters but finding it fascinating stuff.

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