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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Bucket list

When I first started playing with miniature tactical devices (or toy soldiers) I had lots of airfix napoleonic figures. I loved the character and background of the Napoleonic era. The one thing that held me back was finding a rule set that did not involve having a degree in quantum physics and maths to play. Last year Andrew from Hobby Hub introduced me to Lasalle and finally I was hooked. Naturally I then went out and brought a whole army (from Perrys in the UK). Problem is there are alot of figures to paint and it is something I have struggled with. One of the reasons for this blog is to make me more accountable to finishing this army and as the title above suggests it is something I really want to achieve.

Anyway here is what I have done so far. Only one battalion done and I think I need to have seven!! Not happy with the basing for my commander too boring so will look at rebasing him.

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  1. Nice work there Craig, To help with your commander base we have put ours on 50mm round bases, gives you some more modeling potential.

    Keep up the good work.