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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Fallschirmjager army finished

Well finally all done. 1500 points of FJ all painted for my first tournament 'Southcon' coming up in a couple of weeks.

This week I finished my Light panzarpah platoon and Pak38s (although just noticed on the photos I forgot to put flock on so will fix that tonight).

Had been trying to think of what to do for my objectives and was abit stumped. I thought I would have to buy a couple of extra vehicles to use when I stumbled upon a post on the Battlefront forum where some bloke had just put a flag so I took that adapted it and put some para containers on it with the flags. The flags are of course Fallshirmjager. I got a bit anal and got the container codes of the 'net' so each container is coded accordingly.
This week's work
Light Panzerpah patrol
Objective #1

Objective #2
The finished army
Next on the plans is a display board. I just find having one makes it easy for using an army at a tournment and transporting from game to game.

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