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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dystopian wars battle report

Went down to the local club today and rolled out my FSA list (850 pts) that I was thinking about taking to Tagcon in a couple of week. Played against David and his Prussions. We adapted a mission from the new Hurricane season campaign book where the Prussians have to evade a blockade and breakthrough. Looked like it could be quite even but didn't work out that well for David (also dice not so kind) and we called the game with him having just his battleship and a gunship left vs most of my force. Here are some pictures.

The Prussian advance force (David has done a nice job on the airships)

FSA advance force. The Savanah (sky fortress proved pretty good when it got in close later)

First turn deployment with more forces to come on later. the prussians had to get off the board in the left hand bottom corner

The FSA main force arrives with battleship, flying robots and destroyers.

Now just have abit of touch up work on my sky fortress to go and to finally decide on the composition of my list for Tagcon.


  1. Strike force blimp looks very cool.

  2. 100% on that comment.
    It would be good just to have a air war one day verses David as I know he has a sky fortress as well. It would look really cool. Maybe use cotton wool as clouds.