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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dark Age battle report

Got back to some good old skirmish gaming today with one of the best skirmish games out there, Dark Age.

It was my Forsaken against the Outcasts with the points set at 750. I won't list the forces as the pictures are below.
The Forsaken led by St Mary

The Outcasts with the imposing Mongo on the left
We randomly chose scenarios with my one being Escort, basically had to pick a model as my leader and escort it into the enemy deployment zone then make sure it survived. I picked the less threatening of my models, Judah.  My opponnets mssion was I think Glory Hog where he chose a model that had to kill its worth of me in points then get into my deployment zone.
Here is deployment.
Outcast deployment

Forsaken deployment
 I chose to split for my force with my two stronger individual models (St Mary and  the warwind) on one side and Judah on the other. I was hopeful my opponent would focus on my stronger flank allowing me to slip through on the other.

What happened....
All was going well until in the early phases with each side abit cagey. I then made a tiny mistake and took the bait of a unit of Brutes pushed forward that my strikes charged but only killed one. Then Mongo rolled in and killed all 3 strikes, yikes. Next turn got worse when the outcasts won initiative and crashed Mongo into St Mary and squashed her.
Mongo then rolled towards my deployment so I charged my Clergy Ann into him to stop him as it was apparent that was my opponents Glory hog and I had to stop him getting into my deployment zone. The Clergy Ann put a couple of wounds on Mongo but he survived. The brutes then charged in but did no damage.

The Warwind then instead of coming back to help the Clergy Ann and stop Mongo took a chance and took off towards the enemy deployment zone which I think confirmed in my opponents mind he was the leader. He then pulled his whole remaining force over towards the Warwind leaving Judah free.

Luckily next turn I won initiative and killed Mongo and one of the Brutes with the Clergy Ann. Before Mongo died he finished of the Clergy Ann.

The Clergy Ann take on the might of Mongo and the Brutes

The rest of the game saw my Wawind take the focus of attention allowing Judah to slip into the enemy deployment zone. A few anxious moments as I had quite a few shots come his way but thanks to his special ability 'sidestep' I dodged all the shots that came my way. Win for the Forsaken.

Judah sidesteps his way into the enemy deployment zone to win the game.

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