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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dark Ages game today

Played a 750 point game today against the Brood. End result was a loss. However learnt alot more about my units and the rule set in general. Both forces seemed evenly matched and no units again seemed over powered.

In this game weapons can malfunction depending on what you roll which I guess makes sense given the apocalyptic nature of the game and setting. Have had a bad run with that however as today St Mary again malfunctioned on her first shot and took out my best combat model, the Warwind. She did distinguish herself later in the game by knocking prone the Howler (massive monster). Plus one of her abilities I forgot about which would have made her more effective again... still we are all just learning.

Liking this game alot and can't wait to play more.
The Forsaken in the foreground mass as the broodhounds rush towards their objective in the centre

The Howler moves forward supported by a unit of Ratchets

The brood leader, Murtros, oversees the firepower of the Grist

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