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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dark Ages 500 point game vs Dragyra

Got in my 500 point game up at the local club. Played Dave and his Dragyra. He had three groups of slaves Sling slaves, Spear slaves and Shard slaves, a unit of 3 Squall and a soul warden. I had st mary, Contradiction, 3 banes and 2 flense.

We both got the same objective which was to get our leader in the opponents deployment zone. Lots of terrain with a ruined church in the middle. I tried a refused flank tactic trying to bring all my forces to bear against Daves left side. In the end I hit a road bump when the Squalls came across. The flense took out the slingers but met their match charging the squalls. The shard slaves panicked after being reduced to half by the Contradiction shotgun. They ran through my units killing two models when their shards blew up. St Mary stepped up to nail gun the squall to death rolled a malfunction took out a bane causing them to run. The Dragyra got initiative and charged the Squall into St Mary killing her. Game to the Dragyra.

Comedy of errors really for the Forsaken. Still learnt alot as this was only my 3rd game. It plays very smooth and seems well balanced with good tactical options. The critical hit and malfunction add a nice 'never know what is going to happen' element to it meaning all is never lost. Look forward to the next game. Nice paint job by Dave still not quite finished but looking good. Cheers mate good game and a deserved win.

Soul Warden

Acroos the battlefield with Spear slaves in the foreground and the Forsaken massing on the right.

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  1. That is awsome terrain. It would enhance it further if you put some broken stained glass windows on it. It's easy to create using the clear plastic containers from blisters, cut it to fit and paint :)Also the models are very nice!!