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Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year resolutions

Well 2011 is now in the past. Noteable for me gaming wise was the amount of new games I have started. Over the course of the year I got into Dystopian wars, Uncharted seas, Bushido, Eden, Flames of war, and IABSM (I ain't been shot mum). Then just when I think that has got to be it along comes Dark Age.
Had a game at a mate's house a couple of days ago and it rocks. Miniatures are top draw. So looks like my first new purchase for 2012 will be a Forsaken list but more of that later in the year.

Sadly got out of Lassalle this year after big outlay for figures. Fantastic ruleset but I just could not motivate myself to paint 130+ 28mm figures that are all very similar. Painting should not be a chore.

So looking ahead to 2012 I really want to get my FOW army all finished so I can get away to a few tournaments. Apart from that lots of skirmish type gaming and with plenty of systems to choose from that should not be a problem. I have a several interests outside gaming that I really want to spend more time in this year so looks like I will be busy in 2012 :-)

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