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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The 'Saga' begins

I have made the jump into Saga. Saga is a game based in the Dark Ages where Vikings rampaged across Britain. Skirmish style with 28mm figures. The difference with this game and others is that they use 'battleboards' and special saga dice
Viking battleboard

Anglo-dane saga dice
The idea is depending on how many units you have decides the number of saga dice you roll each turn. Those dice can then be placed on your 'battleboard' to trigger activations and abilities. Very cool concept and works well. Played a first game last night and was very happy with game play.

I have brought a few boxes of Wargames Factories Vikings. 32 figures in each box give you heaps of figures and plenty of options for conversions etc. With the two boxes I can get enough figures to do a Viking and Anglo-Dane warband. I also picked up a couple of Saxon boxes so will do an Ango-Saxon warband at some stage as well.

I have assembled all my Viking and Anglo-Danish figures and will climb into some painting this week.
My converted Anglo-Dane warlord and four Dane axes

A unit of levy bowmen

A test figure. I plan to put snow on the base and abit of dead grass.
Will try and get a full battle report up here soon once I have a warband all painted...


  1. We've only played this a couple of times, but it's awesome, it will leave impatient for the next game before you've even cleaned up the current one.

  2. I am impatient for the next game as you say :-) but am determined to get the warband painted first. I love the spectacle of two well painted armies going toe to toe with some nice scenery to set it all off

  3. It's a great game and thr games are nice and compact once you get going.

  4. Hi Craig, you'll have a lot of fun with this, I think. We've been playing it to death up here and it's a great little game.

    Easy to do in plastic too... Though I've got my eye on some metal Jomsvikings.