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Saturday, 21 April 2012

FOW painting flurry...

Yikes my first FOW tournament, Southcon, has crept up on me quicker than I thought. Got a bit sidetracked by Dark Age (thanks Bruce) and am now up against it to get everything painted for my fallschirmjagers. This is the list I am thinking of taking:

FJ Command with PK + 2 x 8cm GW42 mortars – 120
2 full FJ Platoons with PKs - 540
4 FJ Marder IIs - 400
3 15cm NW41 – 115
Machine gun platoon (one section) - 80
1 Light Panzarpah patrol 110
3 x pak38 -135
Progress to date is that both FJ paltoons are painted as is my two HQ stands so as you can see still a fair bit to go. Today results:
- I got my nebelwerfers assembled and associated command and observer stands.
- Partially assembled my marders (not easy to attach the gun shiled and gun so WIP)
- painted my two GW42 mortars
- my panzarpah platoon and pak38s are on their way from Maelstrom :-)
My two FJ platoons

WIP from today: Nebelwerfers, mortars and marders
Tournaments are a great way to get things done in a hurry. Southcon is on Queens Birthday weekend here in Dunedin on June 2nd and 3rd so should get sorted by then. Only other thing I need to do is learn the rules and have a few games...more updates to follow...


  1. Very very nice looking FJ platoons Craig! Love the basing.

  2. Cheers. I am thinking of possibly adding a touch of green to the base for a bit of contrast. Might wander down to my LGS today and see what they have.