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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Flames of War Fallschirmjager army for sale

Since my hobby is supposed to be self funding to get more impetus armies (or maybe new surfboard) I need to free up some funds. So reluctantly I offer up for sale my Fallschirmjager army. Fully painted to a very high standard it contains an armoured element with Marders and armoured cars (which I found very useful). I will also throw in a Flames of War mini rule book (the A5 version) plus templates and lots of tokens I made up just for the Fallschirmjager. I have quite a few left over figures for extra bases such as extra standard troops, HMG (x 3), mortar (x 1) plus another Marder which are unpainted. Quite a few of the infantry stands have fun conversions on which add abit of X factor to the army. It was a mission to paint but looks great on the table.
The asking price is $375 plus postage 

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